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Land of Milk and Honey

Energy * sound intelligence * body awareness

Energy * sound intelligence * body awareness

Energy * sound intelligence * body awarenessEnergy * sound intelligence * body awareness

Become a Bee Priestess of Magdalena

Discover The Way of the Water ~ The Way of Love ~ The Way of the Bees


A year long training to deeply connect with your soul, express your true self, feel your feelings and find your inner compassionate leader – your inner priestess.

In ancient Greece, priestesses were known as bees. Bees as the most ancient species on earth were most likely the inspiration for the earliest spiritual practices. The Hive is a mysterious and magical place. The bees teach us about oneness, about love, the rhythms of nature, sacred geometry, leadership, about nourishment and vibration. They dance the waggle dance in an infinity symbol, a figure 8, goddesses dancing (the hive is predominately female). Their hum is akin to the ohm, the unstruck sound of the universe, sa - the unchanging sound of love. It’s quite possible that bees hold the secrets to a more evolved society - oneness. A priestess is a spiritual warrior who has walked the path to wholeness and self-mastery. Only when we come to fully love and forgive ourselves can we truly be in harmony with others. There is an inside-out revolution taking place, a time of the great turning where we are pushed towards taking full responsibility for ourselves and finding the meaning of our lives. It has never been so important a time for us all to step in to our leadership, overcoming the obstacles that steal self-love and to follow the way of the water (emotions freely felt and expressed) and therefore the way of love.

The journey of the priestess is a journey made within; discovering the symbolism of what the outside world reflects at us. It is about allowing, surrendering, accepting, just bee-ing who you are; a return to innocence. The insights then come flooding in effortlessly and we are forever changed and renewed by this inner sight. It’s true that many of our patterns are strongly held on to, and we will often return to them, but with inner sight and witnessing, we will always have an increasing awareness that will ultimately create peace and calm. From this peaceful, calm space we will make better decisions and be more loving towards ourselves and others.

If you enjoy the process of inner work and want to share that journey with some support from other bee priestesses, then I promise you it will be a rich and enlightening time. Nature has a system based around the birth-life-death-decay–fertility-birth cycle and we can tap in to that awareness, so this course brings the relevance of nature’s way fully in to our lives.

All things are made up of the basic elements of earth, air, fire and water and these elements are constantly seeking balance. Most of our experiences, physical sensations and feelings can be brought back to these basic elements, so we will always be working at this level to bring meaning to the basic forces at work in our lives.

Mary Magdalene is the most vital symbol of women rising beyond the suppression of ideas of what women are/supposed to be. An understanding is emerging that women were very much part of early Christianity, however an outside-in perspective prevailed and the way of love was lost to the fear generating way of an external power. Women were seen as a threat to this order and excluded. Voices were squashed. A great imbalance prevailed. Mary Magdalene was a natural leader, leading from the heart and from a place of unconditional love. Bringing her way, the way of love, the way of true expression is woven in to the fabric of this training. It is her spirit which illuminates this path.

The Way of the Water

Water is one of the most vital symbols of spirit. We use it for cleansing, stillness and flow, reflection. It also represents the emotions, the water in our own bodies, highly sensitive to vibration, we connect to this intelligence. The ways of the water we will be working with are the well, ice, waterfall, lagoon, dew and mist, sea, storm and rainbow.

The Way of Love

Love is truly all we need, as we find it within, we find it without. To fully love ourselves and others we have to reach deep inside and accept all aspects of ourselves. The ways of love we will be working with are the darkening, the frost, the thawing, the germination, the quickening, the flowering, the ripening and the seed harvest.

The Way of the Bees

You will learn the way of the bees and get insights in to their yearly cycle and its symbolism. The ways of the bees are first nectar, laying brood, the pollen path, the swarm, honey harvest, the hive, the drone cull and hibernation.

The Goddesses

As well as Mary Magdalene who comes at every step of the journey in her black Nazarene Priestess gown; we will also work with the energy and essence of Brigid, Mother Mary, Sekhmet, Aphrodite, Inanna-Ishtar, Ixchel, Kali and Elen.

How Will it Work?

The training is in 8 instalments at Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasagh, Mabon, Samhain and Yule. You can join the cycle at any point. 

The training for each instalment has 3 parts all in online video/spoken format

1. Information about the energy aspect, guided meditation, setting intentions for quest setting and journaling

2. The Healing - guided meditation

3. The Ceremony - guided meditation for your own ceremony and optional participation at gathering online and Oswestry/North Wales area.

You will be expected to keep a journal that can be shared at the end of your year and write up your experience/learning at each instalment which you will receive feedback on. You will also submit a final reflection reading back over your journal.

Support is available throughout the course on a dedicated facebook group – Magdalene’s Bees and for those offline at various drop in’s at Lomah in Oswestry.

At the end of the year on completion of all 8 instalments, you will receive a certificate and an initiation as a Bee Priestess of Magdalene, connected to larger body of priestesses originating from the Waterlily Temple led by Margaret Hunt. I am a Magdalene High Priestess and have been initiated to train Magdalene Priestesses, blending these teachings with my own knowing as one of the bee people.

The Investment

Each instalment costs £40. The 8 instalments can be spread over one calendar year @ £27 per month. The whole course can be purchased for a one off payment of £250.

Underpinning Beliefs and Philosophies

This course is designed to sit alongside any existing belief systems/philosophies/spiritual or religious practice. It is not allied to any belief system, we use the Pagan Sabbats as they reflect the energy of nature throughout the year. Although Mary Magdalene was part of the early Christian movement; it is the symbolism of her removal from the movement until recent times which is the aspect we are working with. The rise of women as equals and as compassionate leaders. There is a feminine and masculine aspect within all humans and we will work with both of these to bring balance and union within. Everything comes from oneness, this course is being offered from a place of love and acceptance beyond ideas of right and wrong doing. 

Any Questions?

Email jen@lomah.co.uk or call 0169 655361 or 07946 596092 or pop in to have a chat (by arrangement).