Bees Love to Nourish!

Feed your skin and your soul with products made especially for you. 

As a qualified Aromatherapist, I can advise you about the best essential oils for your skin and any issues you might be experiencing. 

Scent is often a neglected sense that is very important for our brains and memory. I am a real advocate for natural smells and sadly I feel unnatural fragrancing is pollution that can be an assault on the senses. I have a personal theory that it is an assault on our brains too and for me could explain a confused mind.

You see scent, a smell, is a vibration, we talk about the essential oils have notes, just like music e.g Frankincense is a base note, deep and resonate and the citrus oils are top notes, sweet and light. Geranium is a good example of a middle note, creating a bridge between the base and the top. A good blend usually has a range of notes in it, just like a good symphony! 

Let me find just the right blend for you, one that really resonates.

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More beatiful bee and land inspired products - COMING SOON

We are pollinating away with local crafts people and clever people we meet on our travels to offer some beautiful products that pose no threat to the bees and our planet. Guaranteed to inspire and packed full of handcrafted energy. Bookmark us, subscribe and keep coming back to see what we've added!


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