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Your Voice - Your Vibration

My Voice Story

The Naked Voice is the work of Chloe Goodchild and I was lucky enough to experience three modules of Facilitator Training in 2008. Since then I have trained as a Sound Healing Practitioner and am initiated as a Magdalene High Priestess bringing offerings of sound to Magdalene Retreats organised by Margaret Hunt of the Waterlily Temple.

I'd always sang a lot as a child but I can remember an uncanny knack of singing loudly through the 6 O'clock news and being asked politely to keep quiet. There wasn't really any singing at school and when a choir did start up, I remember being a bit shy and opting to ding the triangle at the end of the song. Which in truth made me feel desperately sad. I guess I sang along to tunes on the radio but my partner at the time found my inability to remember words somewhat annoying. I went for some singing lessons at the local college and we were immediately asked to sing scales in front of the class, the tutor winced and said 'I don't think you'll make a singer, sit where you like'. So I had no idea whether I sat with the soprano's, the middle ones or the tenors? I sat in the middle and found my ear tuning to all three and annoying the folk next to me. Despite this I blasted out a heart felt contribution to 'Across the Barricades' and fell in love with singing once again.

A few years later, I hadn't done any more singing, other than discovering the joy of the acoustics in my curved roof Morris Minor and loving a bit of Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. A friend of mine asked me if I would go on a singing course with her, she didn't want to share a room with a stranger. Turned out it was a week long retreat in Ireland training to be a Naked Voice Facilitator. I think it took about 4 days until I had the remotest idea what I was attending. The thing was I had a dream or a visitation maybe and my friend said I had sat up in bed, flung open the window, raised my arms in the air and said 'welcome Anandamayi Ma, welcome!'. Turns out Anandamayi Ma was the Indian Saint who Chloe Goodchild had received the teachings from which she then developed in to the Naked Voice. This divine mother does tend to capture hearts in this journey.

The time came to sign up for the 2nd module on the last day in Ireland and I thought well that was one huge experience but I didn't imagine going any further with it. I was the only one of the group not to sign up. But the frozen sound had certainly opened up in me. A few weeks before the second course was about to take place, my friend called to say she was unwell and did I want her place. I'm not quite sure why, but I said yes. My friend got better and came anyway. I didn't sign up for the third module, funds were short. When I arrived home, I decided to resign from my job at the council. My values were completely inconsistent with my job. I hadn't really got a plan. I'll just be self employed I thought. I was fairly unaware of the effect that sound was having on me, undoing all of the old personality that stood in the way of my soul's calling.

Module 3 and my friend really can't make it this time. I take the place, with the promise of repayment. This time, I know why I am there, this time I really hear myself for the first time. I hear my soul. I start to get what Chloe is saying about the singing field, how this work has the power to bring communities together in oneness. Parts of the jigsaw of my life come together and I experience a state of witness consciousness. I return home in every sense of the word and decide its time to sell my beloved home that I could clearly no longer afford the mortgage on.

Two years later, I was looking pretty messy and the house had only just sold amidst the low point of the housing market. In 2010, I move to Wales. My voice practice continued to deepen and I started to share the practices with others and sing at the retreats by Margaret Hunt's invitation. Her belief in my voice and hearing the love and healing vibration in it has helped me keep the faith and just carry on singing. Training as a sound healer in 2016 confirmed for me that my voice is my portal in to my personal power and to that of everything far far beyond me. Training as a Facilitator is unfinished business and there is more work to do with Chloe and the Naked Voice community, however it is time for me to bring this offering and to blend it with my life's work as someone working for liberation, equality and fraternity. If there is one thing I know how to teach it is how to love ourselves truly, madly, deeply as I have walked this path myself and found my land of milk and honey.

Love Your Voice - Love Yourself


Your Naked Voice is your true soul self freely expressed from the heart without judgment. 

Join me, Jenny Naylor, for a one day exploration towards finding this true vibration and to walk the path towards a deep love for yourself and others.

We'll look at how the voice is a frequency, a vibration and how the singing voice is a direct experience of emotional intelligence. How your singing voice is your most intimate expression of yourself.

I will share some of Chloe Goodchild's Naked Voice ( practices such as:
 Chanting the Aum
 One breath one voice
 The seven petalled lotus chant
 The seven sounds of love
 Triads - singing in threes, a witness, a singer, a loyal friend 

  Sounding zero - discovering a new kind of silence

It will be safe space to reflect on how judgment from yourself or others may have silenced you and deprived you of the joy that is your singing voice.

Hopefully you may discover …. 

  • A greater listening awareness - sound intelligence - asking yourself what am I hearing?
  • Frozen music locked inside starts to emerge and you find yourself singing unconsciously
  • Like minded souls who you can practice sounding with - a real release 
  • The intention is that you will come away from the day having made a deep connection with yourself.