About Jen Naylor

From collecting rose petals and incessant singing as a child, I finally answered my calling and studied as an Aromatherapist with the International Federation of Aromatherapists and as a Naked Voice Facilitator with Chloe Goodchild about 10 years ago. Since then I have trained with the College of Sound Healing and have been initiated as a Magdalene Priestess. I love working with people and seeing them realise their potential.  

Earlier in life, I was an Economist working in communities developing projects around learning, social enterprise, food, horticulture and mental health. Human beings never cease to amaze me with their capacity for healing and carrying on under the most oppressive of circumstances. I have worked with people who have suffered greatly, usually very gentle people who don't believe they are worthy of a better life. Sometimes though, people carry on too much, ignoring all the messages their bodies are giving them. I want to re-connect people to their higher knowing and ability to heal just about anything themselves with a bit of loving support. I believe the route cause of so much physical illness lies in the emotional body and this is where I specialise and where I think bee medicine comes in to its own. It is medicine for the heart.

 I offer the treatments and the products you find on this site from my heart. I try to put a bit of magic and sparkle in to everything I touch. I feel very blessed when people tell me they can feel it!

Why Land of Milk and Honey?

I first got in to bee keeping when I lived on the Wirral, but with an urban garden, I could only dream of a land where bees could come and stay. Now living in the Ceiriog Valley, Marcus and I got our first colony to look after from Jeff the bee man about 5 seasons ago. Any beekeeper will tell you that bees are the most fascinating species on the planet! What particularly fascinates me is how they are a model for community and a metaphor for cooperation. Ruled by the planet Venus and pollinating flowers - they are all about spreading love and wisdom. As a sound healer, there is nothing more dear to me than the low drone of the bees happy in their work. So I wanted to bring this kind of bee medicine to heal people's hearts. When our hearts are healed we are at home in ourselves and the perpetual search for the promised land is realised as we discover it was inside us all the time. 

Just like those other travellers to Oz in search of a Wizard, it is often the things we think we haven't got that we actually have in abundance. My wizardry is the ability to see that in you. Oswestry is the perfect place for our hive.

More about bee medicine

Wings and Stings

This book belonged to our great grandmother Emily I say our, as this business is a family business. My family, supporting me, Jen, the founder, from the background. None of us had any idea the book existed until after I invited the bees in to my life. Thanks to Susie, the books came to light. So it was extra special to find out Emily had probably been thinking about the parallel between us as humans and the bees, at some point in her life too. It left me with the question 'can thoughts and feelings pass down through the DNA?' None of us, including Mom ever knew Emily, she died when our Granny was very young. We think but don't know from an asthma attack. Early on, when I started to Naked Voice, the song Jerusalem always used to come through, very unexpectedly. The dark satantic mills reminded me of Emily and her journey from rural Gloucestershire to Birmingham and I wonder was it the pollution that took her early? Granny too, had a scrape with industrialisation when she lost some fingers on machinery as a teenager working in a factory. So what's the relevance of all this? Well it seems always in life, some things have wings and some things have stings. We always have a choice is the message of this book.  It is worrying times for our bees and our worker bees need protecting. May we all choose wings over stings and live our lives consciously!