I have used Jenny's face creams now for over a year! My favourite is her hand cream... made especially for me it smells divine and leaves my hands moisturised without feeling greasy. What sets  Jenny's creams aside is the personal touch she gives each little pot, thinking about you as an individual and then mixing that special potion just for you. Jenny's products make great gifts and I would recommend them to anyone.


From the moment I met you Jen, I knew you were someone extremely special and that we had a deep heart connection. I remember my first sound treatment when you placed the water under the couch, I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams that something that wasn't hands on, could penetrate so deeply. It was your voice, something changed that day for me that I cannot really explain or put in to words. I have been having weekly treatments since, and I cannot wait to skip back back to Oz to see you my friend, to see what unfolds and for you to work your magic. Every journey is different and each one touches my heart deeply.

Jacqeline from Malaysia, attending Northern Taste of Clean Conference

Jenny Naylor used both her hands and voice, both touch and sound, to thoughtfully care for and heal my tired body and mind. She worked with me to first find out what kind of scented oils I wanted, then what kind of touch the different parts of my body needed, and finally what kind of sound I needed. She sang my name while giving me a massage, and it felt like she was acknowledging my spirit even as she was healing my body. This singing body therapist is a wonder and a treasure, and I am so thankful for the treatments I have received from her. 


Jenny gave my anxious autistic son a flower remedy to help him transition from home education into school. He was calmer and able to sleep better straight away. Jenny heard and understood me during the consultation and had an intuitive deep sense of the best remedies for my son.


 What I really appreciate most about Jenny is that she both listens with true integrity, and she is open to suggestion to work in partnerships with me on my body's issues.  A rare experience indeed in the world of body work.  Consequently my body loves Jenny and her sounds, as she takes me to places others can't reach. 


I have been using your Bee Medicine cream on a wound infection following a broken leg. Not only has it cleared the infection but also has brought toxins out of the skin. I recognise this process from the particular type of Tai Chi I practice and occasionally teach - Lotus Nei Gong. I'm using the cream on my face too now!

The Sound of the Bees

I searched the web for the sound of the honey bees and thanks to Frederick Dunn, who recorded his bees whilst swarming, I share that sound with you. Bees are happy and gentle when they swarm; their natural way to expand their colonies.