Who's Who?


Jen - Founder

A former economist and community project manager, I've always loved to work with people. I'm a pollinator, co-operator and seer of human potential. I believe we all have our own solutions, that we are innately well and loving listening attention is what we can offer each other to be well.  I qualified in Aromatherapy in 2005, after being told I had a gift for healing with my hands. So the spark was ignited and I have gone on to study the naked voice, sound healing, flower remedies and various talking therapies. I am a Magdalene High Priestess and so fluent in the interpretation of symbolism and the way of love. All these practices have restored a sense of my wholeness and shown me the way back home. I'd love to share and celebrate with you what you already know, deep within.

I received a vision for Lomah back in March 2017. I went on a beautiful walk above Llangollen following  a meditation journey with the bees. I saw a full rainbow with its end in a field below me and as I was transfixed by that, I heard the most melodic sound. For a moment, it didn't occur to me that it was unusual to hear music like that - then I noticed it was a gate with wind whistling through it. Then it came to me, I should go to Oswestry and be a Wizardess of Os. I would call the business the Land of Milk and Honey and guide people back home to themselves because there's no place like home.


Lynda Lou Violet Forest - Collaborator

Lynda Lou has supported Lomah right from our opening, even though she has her own business, Violet Forest Holistic, based in Froncysyllte and Llangollen.  I feel so honoured to call her my friend. Lynda has such a big heart and an amazing talent for all she does. All this with a fun and engaging personality. She understands how innate health is inside us and cares deeply about us all loving ourselves more!

Welcome, I’m Lynda, I moved to Wales from Cumbria in 2015 & love where life has brought me!

I started out life in Merseyside, then moved with the family to Nottinghamshire & onto Surrey. At 17 I went & studied Art & Design in East Anglia for a year, followed by a further 2 years back in Surrey.

I have still kept my creative flair from my art school days and regularly make Jewellery, clothing, textiles and mirrors / picture frames to name but a few. 

At 26 I decided to leave Surrey for the Lake District and Kendal. I went back to college in 2007 to study for a Diploma in Counselling at night school, where I fell in love with different practices and an overriding want to help people. From there I have gone on to gain a Diploma in Hypnotherapy, become a Reiki Master Teacher and a certificate in Chakra Balancing so far………. :-)

I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas and insights.